Tuesday, March 20

never mind

it's okay.. I guess no one's reading my post right..means I really on my own now. Never mind...

Alhamdulillah, slowly get going this life again. Trying to be strong enough for everyone around me. My sister, my little brother and especially, My Mom. Everyday she called me to tell me what she feel.. kinda bothers me a bit, not bothers..bothers...but, bothers..u know, it's like distract my focus to be strong girl. She cried. She told me that how glad she was if I'm with her right now at hometown to help her with house stuff and handling everything after Abah left us all.

My heart says:
" me be strong for you Mom.. don't be like this, I need you to be strong to me too.. I only have you now to keep me going, to keep me fighting, to keep me strong to face this life. InsyaAllah.. one day, everything gonna back to the way it was.. Abah did not really left us, he always be in our heart, last and forever.."

What can I say about my life now is M.E.S.S.Y... why is it??
having problem handling my emotion 
relationship with my BF (ex-BF for me) not so good, means, I cannot trust him anymore**subjective
not discipline following my diet (Herbalife Lose Weight Program)
not perform perfect solah (5 times a day), which is I hate myself for doing that
time handling, tired
business pressure, full commitment & at the same time need to take care of my emotion
miss my Mom and my family so muchh, homesick all the tyme
undergoing a boring and wasting time internship
some financial problem, not critical, stable but need to do something about it
don't know what's going on to my life
don't know what should I do to make it back to normal

ANYONE reading this, Help Me Up.

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