Tuesday, March 20


less than hour, office hour will be end..but...I still have task to do..commitment on my business. Very tired but what should I say.. there all need me to help them in this business while I'm like giving up.. for me this is not fair coz they all trusted me. So, insyaAllah, I will try harder as long as I still can commit, I'll do my job, if not, I'll decide something good and better for me....

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p/s: "...tak semestinya apa yg kita rasa baik utk kita itu adalah baik utk kita, dan tak semestinya apa yg tak baik utk kita itu buruk utk kita..."
PERNAH DENGAR TAK KATA-KATA NI....?? I have a long thought about this.......

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