Thursday, March 10

login FB..then...

aduhhhh,,knp dgn I ni..xhbis2 asyik stalk wall dia je, kalo x jenguk sehari xleh ker?? login FB - check wall dia......what's wrong with you??
there's nothing left between both of us,why should I feel this way?? deep down in my heart, I know he also remembered me. He just don't show it coz he decide not to be in my life anymore. To be truth, I'm quite use to it, I mean before this, I feel closer with him, feel something that I couldn't describe, feels like I'm the one who understand him more than others.. but I know at the same time I have to realize that we were just friends. I shouldn't aspect more..not I did not, it just he is special for me. Special Friends..kind miss him rite now but what can I say, he don't wanna be apart of my life anymore..he don't wanna be my friend anymore. 

Hey Buddy, I just want you to know that I felt so strange, uneasy & sad that we're not friends anymore. keep appeared in my mind & I can't get rid all of our memories. Your apology was accepted and I hope for the best and better in future.

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