Monday, March 7

some evening briefing

to be honest, I create blog ni sbb ingin luahkan segala yg terbuka di hati I yg xdapat I nk luah in the real world outside there. It's not about I dun have best friend or boyfriend, but it's about something that no one can't understand..maybe you gus who reading this might not be able to understand but at least I can say it here.. I can voice it out here coz no one know who is the owner of this blog. I'll make sure no one knows.. and FYI, I do have best friends and a boyfriend who really loves me. Thanks dear.

bermacam2 ragam manusia yg keluar masuk dalam hidup I, dan macam2 pengalaman & kenanagan yg I dah lalui. It was fun & sometimes, when I looked back again, its make me laugh. This life is not miserable like we all long as we know how to make it light & easy. But still, word is just a word, until you face it in this real world, then you'll know how hard & easy it was.

a lot to say, see u next entry guys, keep in touch!!

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